Hello, I’m Kim Dowd.

I am a senior design manager at Bain & Company in the San Francisco Bay Area, working towards creating and iterating client products and services.

I’ve created coaching software for Bionic (Principle Designer), and an app connecting sales associates to clients at BSPK (Principle Designer).

I worked at Pivotal Labs as a senior design manager, scaling the design practice while launching and iterating products working side by side with clients; HomeDepot, VMware, CoreLogic, Visa, Telstra, Euclid Analytics, Macy’s, Core Logic and others.

I worked with WeHeartIt and CurrentTV to iterate products as a senior designer. I also co-founded a startup at 500 Startups.

Before moving into product design, I was a grad student of interaction design at Carnegie Mellon University, where I also defined and taught a course in communications design at the school of human computer interaction.

Prior to this, I was a visual designer working with many clients and companies.

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